Nadia is an AMAZING photographer and she is an absolute pleasure to work with. She is helpful, timely, professional, and accommodating to our requests. Her photos are soft, elegant and romantic. I am so glad she was able to capture our perfect day beautifully and that I will be able to re-live that day through them. The photos completed surpassed our expectations and was delivered to us very quickly. There is no one that I would have rather had capture our wedding day! I highly recommend her to everyone! Once you see her work, it speaks for itself!


      Our elopement with Nadia couldn't have gone better. We felt very comfortable with her and it allowed our photos to look natural instead of posed. She was really great with direction and on top of all that she's just an amazing photographer! Her pictures are bright and airy and have such a romantic feel to them. I couldn't imagine having anyone else take our photos. I highly recommend having her as a photographer!


      Nadia is such a talented photographer and it was an absolute pleasure to work with her on our engagement photos. Her photos are soft, elegant and romantic, which is exactly what I am looking for. She is super helpful, timely, and professional. Even though she was not able to do our wedding photos she was able to accommodate to all our requests with the engagement photos and provided suggestions with outfits. I am so glad she was able to take our engagement photos. I was worried because both me and my fiancé are awkward with taking photos but her photos completed surpassed our expectations and all my friends loved it. We received a lot of compliments. There is no one I would rather have to take our photos. I highly recommend her to everyone!


      I would recommend Nadia to everyone! If you’re already married, it time to renew those vows because she knows how to capture beautiful moments better than anyone I have ever worked with! Every single photo was absolutely breathtaking!

      On top of being exceptionally talented, her and her team were extremely helpful and friendly and helped us to feel right at home.
      The only downside is that I don’t have enough frames in my house to put up every AMAZING photo and it’s impossible to choose between them because they are all SO GOOD!



      With Nadia, all we have to do is to be ourselves . She captured those beautiful moments like flash. Super natural shooting experience, yet every photo is elegant and romantic. No pose needed, every intimate movement between me and my husband can be transformed into true artwork through her lens.



      I am writing this review 10 months after our wedding because I just had a chance to look over our wedding photos, and it brought up so many memories and joy that I could relive through Nadia's photos!

      We wanted to say thank you to Nadia for her exceptional work on both our engagement and wedding photos. Even our friends and family were blown away when they saw the photos. It was very important to us to find a photographer that would capture us as to who we are as a couple, and have the photos look ORGANIC. Not to mention that she does film photography, which we loved the textured results, and can appreciate.

      Her communication skills were by far the best when we were interviewing other photographers, and she was by far the most obvious choice for us for multiple reasons. Because our wedding was a destination wedding, and we lived in a different province, we bit the bullet and hired her for both our engagement and wedding. I can assure you that it was all well worth the investment!

      Nadia is extremely punctual and has a critical eye for details. She would direct us in ways that she believes will produce the best photos, and will not stop until she's certain that she has had enough shots for us! She made us super comfortable throughout or day, and really made me feel stress free.

      I would highly recommend her for any couple that is looking for organic and timeless photos, that they can look back on or display proudly. :)


      Nadia was the perfect photographer for our engagement and wedding. I found Nadia's work on Pinterest and fell in love with the soft, creamy, dream-like lighting and colours that she produced. I was so shocked to learn that she shoots film photography and doesn't edit her photos to create the effect- its very natural, organic, and effortless.

      Most importantly, she makes it so easy to relax and enjoy the moment instead of having to worry about how it will turn out. She is extremely organized and prepared, communicates her intentions and directions very well, and flat out knows how to make you look good! She posed or directed us for each shot, but it still felt and looked authentic and sincere. She really captured "us" in our photos. Basically, if you want editorial-like pictures, but you are the farthest thing from models, Nadia would be a great choice for you :)

      I would really recommend getting engagement photos in your package. It was a nice way to get to know Nadia's process and feel comfortable on your wedding day (and the photos were so pretty!) But no matter what you choose, you cant go wrong with hiring Nadia. She's a wonderful photographer, and also a very lovely person!


      Nadia's work immediately caught my eye when it was featured on a few blogs. I was drawn to her use of ethereal, natural lighting, and impeccable taste. Her pictures looked so dreamy and romantic, I knew I wanted to work with her. There was a soft fantastical quality to her work that I had never seen before, and I was more impressed to learn that she worked primarily in film. We drove up to Hatley Castle from Seattle where Nadia took some truly beautiful bridal photos that we will cherish forever.

      From the beginning Nadia has been one of the most warm, proactive, communicative, and trust worthy vendors we've had the pleasure of working with. She would address and talk us through any concerns we had. Nadia has shown us that she genuinely cares for her clients and the quality of her work.

      Nadia was great to work with at the location. I told her I wanted to have a photo session different from my bohemian wedding - something European and classic, and she nailed it. She knew just how to direct us at the right moments and provided us with examples of how to pose, or capture a feeling. Nadia also went above and beyond by coordinating extra conveniences for the bridal shoot, such as securing a bouquet, great hair/makeup recommendations, helping wave photographer ground fees, and even help tie my fiance's bow tie (he didn't know how and neither did the 10 random guys he asked in the parking lot).

      Our photos came out incredibly lovely, just like a fairy tale and we couldn't be happier with them. She is incredibly talented and reliable and if you hire her your engagement/bridal/wedding photos will turn out awesome. No doubt about it.

      Thank you Nadia.