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Inspired by the famous white architecture of Santorini, combined with Blue Aegean sea and its sparkling water reflection, the main color palette of the wedding is White with hints of dusty Blue and lots of sparkling elements like mirror, crystal and acrylics to represent the sparkling water reflection of the sea.

The wedding venue, has many grey stones and grey flooring that will naturally add grey tone to the wedding. Hence, grey color is also included in the color palette so the wedding will blend harmoniously with the venue as its canvas.

Santorini which the Bride fall in love with has a sleek and luxuriously simple style. This gives the style direction to the whole wedding design, whilst made to be modern with a touch of glam as the bride loves something modern and glam. This was truly one of the most magical weddings of two amazing couple and their very very gracious family. 

The whole wedding weekend are designed to be hospitable to the guests as the couple and their families are very hospitable. We not only provide welcome gift that introduce the guests to the local produce of Santorini so they get a real taste of Santorini, but we also provide blanket to keep the guests warm at night and little personalized details like acrylic tag laser cut with each guest’s name that double both as place card and a mini souvenir. It has a simple minimalist design that is edgy and different, just like the groom who likes something edgy yet subtle.