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PUBLISHED ON Flutter Magazine

Designing this overgrown, garden-inspired tablescape and floral was a dream to being a part of. To be asked to turn a completely blank canvas into a space bursting with atmosphere and warmth is pure joy.

It was such a delight to design Jillian & Joo Hwan’s magical forest wedding at their family’s acreage private estate in Langley, BC. When Jillian approached us to create her wedding, she envisioned a beautiful and intimate celebration that will showcase the beauty of her family home and the Pacific Northwest to her guests. It was her dream to enjoy a night of relaxation, dining and fine wines. It will be a day for her closest family and friends to come together for a romantic evening under the stars, so a beautiful clear marquee was prominent.

For the overall design, we decided to go with a very classic, contemporary and warm look with lots of oak and antique gold to complement the family home. Floral was an important element to the couple and we had arrangements draped over just about everything and created oversized bouquets for the bridal party. We created a floral palette of soft, feminine, muted tones since the greenery of the surrounding is so vibrant during the gorgeous summer season. Jillian & Joo Hwan’s first look was extra special and fairytale-like for we invited a gorgeous white mare to make for some enchanting images.